Buying plants from Jacob's Plumeria's is simple and your 100% satisfaction is our goal. Rest assured if any of your plants arrive dead, you will be compensated with a full refund. If all your plants arrive dead, we'll refund your entire order including shipping costs. 

Getting your refund is simple. First and foremost, abide by our Terms of Service. We have a set of rules customers must follow in order to get their refund. For more information on this, visit the "Learn More" drop down menu and click on "Terms of Service." If you find a dead plant in your order, do not remove it from its plastic packaging. Take a picture of it. Then, using the email listed on the paperwork included with your order send your photos to us no later then 12 hours after your order has been delivered and your refund will be processed.

Damaged Plants: Leaf loss and discoloration is common due to the stress plants experience during shipping. We understand some plants may be damaged beyond repair, in that case, contact us for a refund. Please be sure to abide by our Terms of Service.