About Jacob


Hi I'm Jacob Castro. Owner of JacobsPlumerias.com. I'd like to thank you for visiting my website. I started this business because of my sincere love for this amazing plant. I've been around them my whole life and living without one just doesn't seem normal to me. When I was 16 my grandma gave me my first cutting. She had a huge tree in her front yard that must of been there for over 30 years. She was very reluctant to trim it, but after begging her for a cutting she finally gave me one during a visit. This big Plumeria tree was always one of the highlights of visiting grandma. I still have that cutting today, but now its grown into a big beautiful tree as well. This cutting pretty much started it all and gave me the inspiration I needed to acquire more and more varieties of Plumeria and start my business. In the Spring of 2009 I started a website dedicated to Plumeria's. Sadly it was managed by a failure of a domain hosting company and after allot of bickering back and forth between us about overcharges and the overall quality of the website, I decided to switch to SquareSpace. Best decision ever. So JacobsPlumerias.com is relatively new, but I've been in business for much longer. I've also been making Plumeria related YouTube videos since 2009 and that's actually where I developed most of my following. The website mainly consisted of helpful information like how to care for Plumeria's but as my collection grew and with demand from my followers, I realized I could turn my passion into a small business. It took many, many years of learning e-commerce and acquiring different varieties of Plumeria to build the business into what its become today but it was all worth it because now I can share my passion with the rest of the world. Since I'm not a big company, I'm able to offer excellent customer service and quality control for all my products. Some of the many benefits of working with a home grown small business rather then those large corporations. If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime. Also, keep an eye out every summer because that's when most of our cuttings go on sale. Since Plumera's go dormant during the winter so do we. So once summer hits and the website is stocked full of cuttings and potted plants, take advantage of it because I always have a limited number of stuff available and I won't have anymore till next season once they're gone. Thanks again for visiting my website, have fun with your Plumeria's!