Jacobs Plumerias was founded in January of 2009 by long time gardener Jacob Castro. At the age of 16 Jacob grew his first cutting given to him by his grandmother. She had a large tree that was over thirty years old growing in her front yard. She simply broke off a branch one day and told Jacob to plant it. Jacob still has that same cutting, however, its now a big potted tree! He's taken lots of cuttings from it and shared his grandmothers favorite Plumeria throughout the country with other Plumeria lovers like himself. Jacob considers this Plumeria something to honor his grandmothers memory, as she absolutely adored it. JacobsPlumerias.com is the online store for Jacob's Nursery located in Corona, California. The Plumeria portion of the nursery is seasonal. We only sell Plumeria's during the summer. We sell potted plants at our nursery and we ship cuttings throughout the entire continental United States. We offer excellent customer service and back our products by a 100% money back guarantee. Jacobs Plumerias runs on passion, dedication and most of all pure love. This isn't a job or a business to us, its our life and we love what we do.